Mad Tea Party

Fox News, indefatigable promoter and enabler of those hapless atavistic ignoramuses known as the teabaggers, has filed an amusing story in which various fit-to-be-tied bag people allege that Democrats and other varmints are attempting to pass themselves off as baggers in order to Confuse People and Steal Elections.

Now, Newspeaking numbskulls like Sean Klannity have been assuring us for months that the teabagging movement crosses all party lines, attracting Democrats and inde-pendents, as well as Republicans. This despite those actual pesky facts that demonstrate that teabaggers are indistinguishable from the Republican Party: the two are, in truth, one and the same.

Fox has apparently now abandoned this ludicrous Klannity line (and someone better forward quick to poor dim Sean the new memo), because its piece is full of breathless prose in which the mere hint of any Democratic connection is assumed to be evidence of faux baggerism.

As the midterm election nears, allegations are surfacing across the country that Democrats are exploiting conservatives’ faith in the Tea Party name by putting up bogus candidates in November—the claim is that those “Tea Party” candidates will split the GOP vote and clear the way for Democratic victories.

The theories may prove to be more than just conspiracy talk. Some of the allegations are coming directly from local Tea Party activists who are trying to flag the media and election officials as soon as they smell something fishy on the ballot. And they say they’ve got proof.

“It’s obvious it’s a Democratic play,” said Jason Gillman, a Tea Party activist from Traverse City, Mich.

And so on.

I feel for these people, because it is not pleasant, when others try to be you.

So I have a simple, helpful suggestion for them. One that will easily and completely separate true bag people from any mischief-making pretenders.

And that is that the true teabaggers should just honestly and openly proclaim that they are racists. For that is what they are. That is the core of their movement, which sprang into being, howling that the government is tyrannical, only when that government fell under the direction of a black man. That is what assorted polls and surveys of teabaggers always show: that they are racist “dumbasses” who believe that President Obama is not an American citizen. Racism is what drives Dale Robertson, founder of, and the man featured in the photograph there to the right. Teabaggers are racists. Period. Without racism, there would be no teabaggers. If the “true” teabaggers merely proudly proclaim their innate and inherent racism, there will be no confusion.

Problem solved.


11 Responses to “Mad Tea Party”

  1. 1 possum August 13, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Part of what makes the Tea Party so darned scary is their ability to manipulate the truth so very well. And they manage to manipulate our media even better. With an entertainment and controversy driven media the Tea Partiers are right at home.

    If the Tea Party were to come out and tell the truth about their racial attitudes many would leave the group for cleaner and safer waters. Taking a position of that sort is not going to win the hearts and minds of a majority today. The uneducated and prejudiced maybe, but not a majority today. Maybe tomorrow…

    • 2 bluenred August 14, 2010 at 7:42 am

      There was a gathering of teabaggers here in my little burg this past spring. I dropped by, and saw the same old familiar faces. Bigots—every one. You just have to lie about it these days, when in “mixed company,” because it’s no longer socially acceptable, in the wider society, to exude bigotry. Doesn’t mean that’s not what’s in their hearts, though. As I said here, they’re the same ol’ folks, these who “want their country back.”

  2. 3 Julia Rain (the daughter) September 5, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Well of course the theories are coming “directly from local Tea Party activists who are trying to flag the media and election officials” – they’re Republicans, and Republicans live to lie about Democrats. And the Tea Party lives to stir up trouble by lying to the media.

    You know, I wondered why the “original” teabaggers – the Ron Paul people – ween’t up in arms about their movement being taken over by racists. Then I heard Ran Paul explain his position on the Civil Rights Act, that it shouldn’t apply to private businesses. He is clearly a racist. I don’t know if that means his father is one or not, but Rand certainly is.

    • 4 bluenred September 5, 2010 at 10:05 am

      The Pauls are froot-loops who don’t live in the real world. Whether they are personally racist or not is in the end irrelevant, because the policies they promote have racist consequences. Rand’s blathering about how it was fundamentally wrong to force white shopkeepers to serve black customers is a case in point.

  3. 6 Jason Gillman October 28, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Last picture. A union guy. Been to multiple tea parties. I have a picture of him at our Petoskey event last year. I told him to leave then.

    A plant. Designed to make the tea party folks look bad.

    Misdirection is the game for the left.

    • 7 bluenred October 28, 2010 at 5:42 pm

      You are either ignorant, or a liar. That man is indeed a teabagger.

      Ignorance and mendacity are two legs of the teabagging tripod. The third is racism.

  4. 8 Julia Rain (the daughter) October 28, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    The Tea Party doesn’t need the left to make them look bad. They’re doing that just fine on their own. And we have better things to do.

    • 9 bluenred October 29, 2010 at 8:21 am

      There are little teabagger trolls who run around the intertubes claiming that this photo depicts a “union plant.” This is because it is so embarrassing to the teabaggers, this photo exposing teabagging ignorance and racism. So they employ the third leg of the teabagger tripod—mendacity—to lie that it is not a teabagger at all. Truth is, it is the teabagging founder Dale Robertson, as is stated in the piece. He has been identified as such all over the web. If it weren’t him, he would have sued. He has not. Because he can’t. Because it’s him.


  5. 10 Jason Gillman October 31, 2010 at 7:08 am

    Neither ignorant nor lying. No need.

    When looking at the methods used by the left in this state, it follows quite well that this would be the method used. If you wish to close your eyes, then that is your decision.

    In fact look at the method in which those who MIGHT be on your side of the argument attempt to deceive.

    The truth is the truth.

    • 11 bluenred October 31, 2010 at 10:17 pm

      Yes, the truth is indeed the truth.

      The truth is that I posted a photo of the ignorant racist teabagger Dale Robertson.

      The truth is that you came on to this blog to lie that that photo instead depicts “A union guy. Been to multiple tea parties. I have a picture of him at our Petoskey event last year. I told him to leave then. A plant. Designed to make the tea party folks look bad.” Because you have provided no proof of this smear, I am forced to conclude that you are willfully, knowingly lying.

      I am not interested in your pathetic Sean Klannity-style diversionary smears about how “it follows” from “the methods [you claim are] used by the left in this state” that the photo of the ignorant racist teabagger Dale Robertson instead depicts someone else. Either prove that the photo does not depict the ignorant racist teabagger Dale Robertson, but instead some character you claim to have driven off from some teabagger orgy there in Michigan, or withdraw your lie.

      The truth is that teabaggers are ignorant, mendacious racists. The truth is that ignorant, mendacious racist teabaggers are indistinguishable from the ignorant, mendacious, racist institution that is the Republican Party. As evidenced by the campaign appearance by the ignorant, mendacious racist John Boehner for the ignorant, mendacious racist Rich Iott, a pathetic clown who likes to prance around in an SS uniform.

      These are your people. Sick bastards.

      The person with eyes wide shut, is you.

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