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Forest For The Trees

We live equally in two worlds, an African had told Blair. Awake, we plod on with our eyes downcast from the sun, ignoring or not seeing what lies around us. Asleep, eyes open behind their lids, we pass through a vibrant world in which men become lions, women become snakes, in which the vague fears of the daytime become, through heightened senses, revealed and visible.

Awake, we are trapped in the present like a lizard in an hourglass that crawls forever over the falling sand. Asleep, we fly from the past into the future. Time is no longer a narrow, drudging path but an entire forest seen at once. Blair’s problem, the African said, was that he lived only in the waking world. That was why he needed maps, because he saw so little.

—Martin Cruz Smith, Rose



I don’t often write about my legal work. The lawyers round here are old-fashioned, even crusty folk, who don’t believe in discussing cases, ever, with anyone but themselves.

There is always the danger, so goes the thinking, of letting slip in public something discovered in private, thereby violating the holy seal of the legal confessional. Furthermore, all are always concerned—some might say paranoid—that something said about one case may someday redound to the detriment of a client in another, by portraying a police officer or a district attorney or a judge in a light they might perceive as unflattering, and which they will remember, and later be moved to avenge, by wreaking upon a once and future client Great Wrongness.

So generally I stay sealed, like the tomb.

But I think I’m okay talking about this one. Pretty much everyone, in the end, behaved honorably, and the resolution was public, happy, hopeful, and just.


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