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Make It So

MagicianWhen you go to psychic school, you will receive instruction in “mockups.” Visualizing something you would like, it is said, helps to tease it out from that ether where everything is possible, nudge it into the realm of “reality.” Conversely, allowing one’s mind to become an Eeyore-like gallery of “bad pictures” can act like a magnet, attracting negativity.

Is this stuff “true”? Who knows? Joseph Kern says: “Deciding what is true and what isn’t now seems to me a lack of modesty.”

I go with you, jefe.

It is certainly true that Important People have believed such things to be true. What John Lennon was getting at when he said “war is over if you want it.” John Wesley, founder of the Methodist variant of Christianity, counseled his acolytes: “Preach faith till you have it; and then, because you have it, you will preach faith.” People struggling in Alcoholics Anonymous, and in its various offshoots, are instructed: “Act as if ye have faith, and faith shall be given to you.” No doubt because boatloads of creative artists have run aground on the shoals of addiction, this gentle admonition has slowly seeped into the popular culture, where it is now generally believed to be moored in scripture. David Mamet, for instance, in his script for The Verdict, allows his bibulous barrister Frank Galvin to present it as an article of the Roman Catholic faith. And so, today, many people are convinced it originally emanated from The Most High himself. And, in the circularity of such things, perhaps it did. ; ) 



What It Means To Be Free

King Of Pain

emergencyroom“Use your head, kid. There is no business today that can compete with owning a hospital.” He ticked the points off on his long fingers. “No credit for the customers, and they pay in advance or out on their ass. Next, supply and demand is constant. Third, a unique product—pain—right? A hospital is a hotel for pain, but what hotel gets those prices? Christ, the laundry alone throws off enough to pay the orderlies and the lab. And you should see the net figures on what one of those labs makes. I own twenty-seven hospitals in nineteen cities, kid, and I’d like to have fifty more.”                                                                                                                                                              —Richard Condon, Winter Kills

When I Worked

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