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Man Without A Country

The foghorns of the right expended a considerable amount of time and energy bellowing about the four innocent Uighurs recently released from the Guantanamo gulag gharani_detenido300and relocated to Bermuda. But somehow they have emitted not a sound about Mohammed el-Gharani, another innocent man lately freed from Guantanamo.

Born in Saudi Arabia of Chadian parents, Gharani spent seven of his 21 years at Guantanamo; he was interned there when only 14. Released from Guantanamo in early June, Gharani is currently marooned in Chad, where he was dumped by the US government. He does not speak the language, had never before set foot in Chad, has been told by government officials that they’re not sure they consider him Chadian, and has not been able to obtain a Chadian ID card. Yet he describes himself as “happy.” 

“Walking around with no guards, with no shackles, it’s beautiful,” he says.

“If you’ve been in shackles for seven years every day, you will go to Chad. You will go anywhere.”



La Musica: Wicked Game (Friday Mix)

I am more sympathetic to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his lover, Argentine businesswoman María Belén Chapur, than is apparently allowed by the judgemental fulminators of either the left or the right. To the former, Sanford is a laughable hypocrite; to the latter, a repugnant sinner. To both, Chapur is a “slut” and a “homewrecker.” To me, they’re just human beings, skewered by love. No blame, no balm.

At some point I plan to inscribe a long and no doubt musty essay about the recent confluence in the news of Sanford, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, all of whom were occupied by loves unconfined by the rigid de rigueur American cage of one man one woman, happy together happy forever, till death do us part.

But that’s a lot of work, and I’m lazy. So instead I’ll play some music, here on this Friday, the day traditionally ruled by Venus, she who oversees love, in all its many variations.


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